What our Guests say:

1) I’ve been eating there for 12 years. I have always eaten well. The waiters even remember me (before some major changes) and I live in Australia.

2) Nice looking people in a cosy traditional trattoria….yummy carbonara!

3) Try their signature carbonara. It is the best I have ever had.

4) One of the best restaurants in Rome. Great ambient.

5) It’s too expensive.

6) Amazing food, very cute ambiance..yes, the spaghetti al moro is heavenly…it’s so amazing…

7) Try maniche di frate alla moro.

8) Not much to say except second all the positive reviews of this place. You can’t leave Rome without at least dining once at Al Moro.

9) I loved this restaurant. It’s cosey, has a brilliant wine list and just delicious food. Highly recommended – very reasonable as well!

10) The food was amazing. The wine list spectacular. Try the lamb, I promise you will not be sorry. You must try this place.

11) Excellent FOOD BUT THE OWNER IS NOT VERY KIND , He doesnt smile a lot

12) Good food. Oldschool service team ;-)

13) Si! great and casual.

14) Great! and casual! PERFECT.

15) One of the best places in Rome…

16) Was skeptical upon entry but once I got my food was in heaven…..try the Maniche di frate….the best food I’ve had in Rome!

17) Definitely the BEST IN ROME!!!

18) The best Rome food tradition. Elegant atmosphere.
Let tell you from who is born and lives in Rome!!

19) The best in Rome !!!!I really love this place ! Ask for spaghetti alla moro, You will love them

20) Very good italian food !
Near to Fontana di Trevi and one of the best casual restaurants in Rome !

21) Terrible place, dishes and service.


22) One of the best in Rome!

23) This is undesputedly one of the best restaurants in rome – forget about il bolognese, this is another category altogether, if you care about your food, head there – it must be said though that service is not up to food standards and waiters are condescending to say the least, real shame

24) Too bad the best waiter in Rome, Stefano, is no longer there. He used to make this spot lively and worth while. Now he has his own place near Santa Maria in Trastevere.

25) Really nice place if you want to sit for a long time, eating and talking! Winelist superb and excellent dishes. Be as elegant as you like!

26) Don’t forget that the father of the owner Franco Romagnoli, played Trimalcione in Federico Fellini’s Satyricon

27) Excellent classic food quality, cosy up-market place with an old trattoria feel still lingering – definitely a must for any food lover visiting Rome. Service, however is rather disappointing, waiters and owners have a rather arrogant attitude if you are not a regular.

28) The very best in Rome! Carbonara and truffle tagliolini.

29) Casual and fancy, old school, always good, always full. Try Spaghetti Al Moro.

Osteria al Moro
Vicolo Delle Bollette, 13

Telephone: +39.06.69940736

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