(Rome, Film Festival) – It was opened yesterday the catwalk red Film Festival one of the most mundane events followed by Portofino World which ranks far 13 hotels in the heart of Rome.

Great host of the first day the Master Al Pacino has always been linked to Portofino where he was our guest several times. To him the Festa del Cinema wanted to award the prize Marc’Aurelio golden career all’Actors attributed this study which is president.

Sunglasses on his head, crisp air with a little beard fallow – which is very fashionable – in complete dark of one color – it is said, designed by Giorgio Armani – the “Godfather” is back in Rome where he “shot” several weeks ago some scenes with the immense Robert De Niro in the film “Challenge without rules” in Italian halls.

Legends have become her performances in The Godfather, Carlito’s Way, Heat Challenge, Scarface, Scent of a Woman, Serpico, Ocean’s Thirteen, and many others. The actor in Italy “takes a voice from the great Giancarlo Giannini who characterized a very formidable.

To the question of why in this latest interpretation is dubbed by another “voice” the management of production replied: “No comment”. Many enthusiasts have expressed discontent on different choice.

One of the most important things I learned from the master Strasberg – Al Pacino said in a press conference – was to commit myself to remember all the good jokes and try several times. Then – continued – take the road of heart instinctive and starts to recite.

The actor, cheerful and witty with journalists, it was also expressed in Italian: ‘It is a country I love very much – has “tried” to say – ending with a maximum raise that much effect in the hall: “It says only in life “he concluded.

Ready to him the Penthouse Suite in one of our most charming hotels of Rome ‘s Excelsior on Via Veneto, where the palace was born the era of the Dolce Vita.

The Roman film festival – the second in Italy only to that of Venice – will continue with the projections until 31 October. We can in that time the winners and losers.

Portofino World, a world apart.