Comments and Advices from our Guests

1) Casina Valadier for example, situated in the heart of Villa Borghese (photo above). Salotto 42, Pietra Square 42, for aperitif and/or Hotel de Russie (9, babuino street). Very amazing one.

2) As Restaurant: La Fischetteria, Croce Street
Wine Bar: Antica Vineria, in Croce street

You should try to go to la casina Valadier – in the heart of Villa Borghese – on a Friday night for their signature “aperitivo”, basically a buffet dinner with drinks. The Salotto 42 is pretty good too and laid back, basically every night, and particularly on Thursday and Saturday.

3) Via della Croce is just off Piazza di Spagna and a parallel street to Via Condotti, is a good option for both lunch and dinner.
La Fiaschetteria da Cesaretto is actually a very “cute” place and the food is good too; the antica Vineria can be an option for an evening drink. As can be a casual drink in Campo De’ Fiori.

4) The bar at the Hotel the Russie is very chic, it’s an outside garden and is very quite despite being in the buzzing centre: nearby to dine you have a few options. One is il Bolognese, that would qualify, along with i Due Ladroni [the two thieves... in Piazza Nicosia] as chic dining venues as per your initial post…

5) September is a strange part of the year: the lifestyle is more shaped on the summer than on the “normality” of the city life so you want to check “what’s up” while here.

6) La Antica Enoteca on via della Croce is definitely not classy.
Salotto 42 is nice but so small!

Anything in the center of Rome will ruin your shoes and you stomach I would go to place in Parioli, where the food is better or if you want real genuine Roman food put your jeans on and go to the suburbe. That is where all the new restaurants are with the new and upcoming chefs.

We love nothing better than given tips to one of our favourite cities of all time.
We used to live in Rome. There is a nice place called Le Bain on via delle Botteghe Oscure, 33.
Back in the day it had an AMAZING sunday brunch as well. it is quite near Piazza Navona, photo above, and very near that main street where the trams and roman ruins are – Corso Vittorio Emanuele II.

7) Another tip, at some point, you MUST go to Hotel de Russie off Piazza del Popolo (for drinks/meals) anytime.
All the best and as they say…

If you really want to do the Club scene in Rome, the place to go is Testaccio, but it is quite hard core.
Lots of energy required! We advise that this area is not always safe.
So, move in Taxi its imperative.

I just checked and they still mention la Maison, which was a Cool Club when i last went. Trastevere is also a nice area. Parioli as has amazing food and it is a more residential area. Depends if you want to be in the sparkling Centro Storico or something thing different.

8) If you are wine junkie and i mean a whole menu of wines from around the world and you like tasting from sparkling wines, to reds to white to dry to sweet to ports to sherry to champagne to dessert wines in one sitting with amazing pate and cheeses and formaggio and parma hams and salamis and grilled vegetables and home cooked roman fare…..the list goes on, go to Cul de Sac, drawback is it CAN be slightly touristy, however if you are crossing the main road after just leaving Piazza Navona and are heading to Campo dei Fiori, it is just there in the corner.

Try it! good to go maybe during or after a shopping trip!


9) If you like antipasti, the best restaurant is on via del Corso, photo above, to the Ostaria del Corso.
Just order the house anti pasti (meaning you just ask for it, you don’t actually order, they bring it to you). you will not be able to get to an main course or dessert. i used to live on that street and it was really the best. the former jewish area (called ghetto) is also a great place for traditional roman anti pasti and dishes you will never get anywhere else but the region.

10) If you go to Parioli (a rich district in Rome) maybe try “Duke’s” it claims to be Californian but indeed it is an international cousine with an italian flavour

Here some more suggestions:

1) Dal Bolognese (Piazza del Popolo) – very famous and chic
Due Ladroni: (piazza Nicosia )
Pierluigi (via di Monserrato) – in a typical street around campo dei fiori – good fish also
Maccheroni (Piazza delle coppelle) – very typical roman hostaria
We would suggest also to have a bite in the jewish area:
Giggetto – Portico d’Ottavia (not classy but tasty roman recepies)

2) If you want to get the real scene of Rome you should go also in the Testaccio area. I would add some bar along the Tevere. maybe people are not very classy but the view is breathless!

There are also many good restaurants in the center. Touristic restaurants look like touristic restaurants, so u can avoid easly. Maccheroni is good and also (Cavalier) Gino, near square of the Parliament, maybe the most little place you could have lunch, but the food is very good.

3) Also at Fortunato al Pantheon. For “aperitivo” try Salotto 42 is in a good place, yes it is little but you can enjoy the square. For a drink I also suggest you Piazza delle Coppelle, near to Maccheroni. I mean if the weather is good I suggest you to spend your time outside of bars and not inside. If you want discover new places maybe you can visit the Italian Parliament (Senat of the Republic and House of Commons), both very beautiful buildings.

If you need also for hotel, the Sofitel is at the Villa Borghese. Gorgeous hotel

4) Campo de Fiori, photo above at the sunrise, in Rome is one of my fav spots in Rome…so relaxing….I remember a 4 hour romantic lunch … I heard about Salotto 42…..so guess that is indeed worth while! Well, you know, clubs change every week so you should wait to know something cool, but Maison is a must. For dinner i suggest Met and Duke’s. For drinks I like Antica Enoteca and Coppelle 52.

5) Dukes is a GREAT bar for drinks – the atmosphere is very upbeat and hip, the dining area out back is actually like a ‘beach”, and the California style food isn’t bad, (Dukes is actually a very small ‘Chain’ restaurant – my friends claim to have been to the one in Hawaii). But, if you want Italian, I would recommend walking a few hundred meters down Viale Parioli and eating at Caminetto or La Scala. Neither will disappoint!

6) L’Hostaria del Pesce is also outstanding for seafood.
I think maybe now you have too many choices!

7) My fav dish though is gnocchi pomodoro!
Dinner for fun and BCBG crowd, we suggest MET restaurant, near Ponte Milvio
Dinner for Italian food, fashion but don’t expect top service, we suggest MACCHERONI, near Panteon
Brunch with no doubt, we suggest HOTEL de Russie – expensive.
Evening drinks as usual we suggest SALOTTO 42, near Panteon,
Clubbing and drinks, we suggest LA MAISON (they temporarily have a boat on the Tevere river for the summer, it should be there still in september)

8) I agree with the others if you have time to drive to the beach, try the Happy Hour at Singida, really resting place.

9) If you want to taste a good Tsarkaya or any fish’s course there is a good not very well-recognized restaurant in Ostia – on the coast of Rome – called Il Tino. In Rome Duke’s for drink, one of the best cocktail in the city, and i love restaurant “Il Pagliaccio” in Via dei Banchi Vecchi 129. Duke’s is closed on Monday…

10) For a drink also Doney in Via Veneto, (photo above) is very nice. It was a famous spot during the Dolce Vita in Rome.

11) Take a look also at Roof garden of the Exedra hotel and Aleph’s restaurant. Go to the Rome Hotels Page for address regarding this.

12) Currently, the king (or, better, the Queen since she’s a “female”) of Rome summer clubs is Sofia, restaurant and disco (please note that is open till the end of September), located close the Olympic stadium. Not to be missed, mainly on Thursday.

13) Once in Rome I would consider a visit to Salotto 42 a cosy, tiny, international venue in the true centre of Rome: it’s a cool place and usually it is easy to meet interesting people chilling there.

14) Another alternative is a brand new spot, close to Piazza del Popolo, namely “Salotto Locarno”. It is even more sophisticate and elegant than Salotto 42 and it deserves a visit too.

15) As for restaurants in the centre I would say “Antico forno Roscioli” and “Pierluigi”, both close to Campo de’ Fiori. Regarding lounch time I would consider “Casina Valadier” in Villa Borghese area, a restaurant with a stunning view upon the centre of Rome.

At the end, some final restaurant list in Rome we suggest:

Roman Food/Pasta: “Taverna trilussa” – Trastevere area;
Pizza Napoletana: “Napoletano’s” – Viale Regina Margherita;
Pizza Romana: “da Baffetto” – Governo Vecchio street, near Piazza Navona;
Seafood: “Il Galeone” – Trastevere area;
Classy: “Casina Valadier” in the middle of Villa Borghese area, a restaurant with a breathtaking view of Rome;
Luxury: “La pergola” at “Hotel Rome Cavalieri in Cadlolo street with its three Michelin stars; very expensive but one of the best restaurant in Italy.

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